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Home alone sex story

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I'm hoping to find someone who has a great sense of humor (yes it can be sarcastic.

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First Time Sex : Boring quiet Home alone turned to Amazing weekend - A Gay Sex

This story from Rum Holiday has been read 1 7 4 9 9 times. Horny, and home alone Written by Rum Holidayongenre zoophilia One day when my family was going out to eat, I wanted to stay home.

They left shortly after. My family has a dog I have home alone sex story told anyone that I homs him everytime we are big fat horny girls, and this time is no different I am a healthy 17 year old male, and I get horny a lot.

I stood at the window waving goodbye to my family as they pulled out of the driveway.

As soon as they drove out of sight I dropped my pants and my dog instantly ran over and started licking my simi-hard dick. This got me hard fast.

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I fell back first into the couch and let my dog go to town. He kept licking my dick for three minutes until he wanted.

He home alone sex story his legs around my waist to line me up. At this point we were chest to chest and both of us were panting like crazy. He finally got the right angle to my asshole and thrusted his throbbing cock into uome ass, I threw my head back and lifted my legs to help him get in deeper.

My cock was dripping precum onto my belly as he slammed aloen hips against my ass over and over and over and I could feel his knot slapping against my ass as it tried desperately to get in, and with a few more thrust it popped into my ass.

I began to moan as home alone sex story fucked me even harder.

Home Alone - New Sex Story

He soon began to slow as he came close to cumming in my ass We stayed tied together for an hour before he was soft enough to pull. His knot was still large so he had to tug on it a couple times Once he licked his 8 inch cock clean he stood back up and turned home alone sex story he knew that I would want my own turn.

I spit on my dick and began to line him up. Once my dick was against his asshole I shoved it in as deep as it would go His ass was warm and tight. My cock gliding in and home alone sex story of his ass drove him sx.

As I came close to finishing I pulled out and spun him around for his treat. I opened his mouth and shoved my dick down his throat he was fine with this because I trained him for a year.

His throat bulged as I fucked his face. At this point I load shot into his throat.

I came so much they he was dripping cum out winnipeg transgender his mouth onto the wood floor. I pulled my dick out and let out a satisfying sigh as he left stroy go get a drink.

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I put my clothes back on I looked at the floor and saw cum both mine and his on the ground. I dropped to the floor and began slurping it up off the floor.

Home alone sex story Seeking Hookers

I got cork dating all off the floor and swallowed a huge mouthful as my family walked in the door.

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